Charleston Beach Volleyball & Social Club’s most popular event by far is the 4-on-4 Coed beach volleyball league. This league is for players 18 years and older at any skill level.

Adult leagues are played on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings in a 6PM – 730PM or 730PM to 9PM time slot. Games are played for 7 weeks with 1 week for the playoff tournament, a total of 8 weeks.

Divisions are set by skill level from A players (expert), BB (Intermediate) to B players (fairly new, but understand the rules).

New to 2023 — FOUR Seasons of Adult League Volleyball! Leagues now run from March through November. Watch our site for more updates coming soon!

Take a look at our current adult league sign up options!

Volleyball Seasons

Spring League : April

Starts April 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th.

Summer League: June

Starts June 20th, 21st and 22nd.

Fall League: August

Dates for 2023 will be posted shortly.

Late Fall League : October / November

Dates for 2023 will be posted shortly.

Skill Levels

A is Expert

Players at this level are considered expert players. They understand beach volleyball rules completely, are adept at the three core bump/set/spike skills. They are well versed in court position and know how to communicate and execute strategic plays.

Players signing up for A league play should call their own fouls including bad sets or lifts and carries, understand player positions and guidelines for playing those positions. Executing strategy on both offense and defense is a routine part of the game play.

BB is Advanced

Advanced players at the BB level have a solid understanding of beach volleyball rules. They know court position and how to play safely and effectively in setter, hitter, and defensive positions. They communicate clearly with their teammates. BB players have typically played at least 2 years of beach volleyball.

Players signing up for BB league play also call their own fouls including bad sets and carries. They know how to bump pass the ball and either bump set or hand set cleanly (with little rotation). They fully understand players positions and roles. They know some strategies for beach volleyball and can execute those strategies on a regular basis.

B is Intermediate

B-level Intermediate players have usually played for a year or two. They are beyond the initial stages of learning the game. They know what “setter gets the second ball” means and know basic rules such as hand-sets over the net are not allowed. They know what a clean hand set is but cannot always execute.

B-level players will call their own fouls if setting a ball is notably wrong (off-center, a lot of rotation) or when they blatantly lift, carry, or push a ball over the net. Players are this level allow for “less than perfect” volleyball on their team and the opposing team.

C is Beginner

Players at the C level on a league are not “brand new to the game” and understand the basics of beach volleyball. They often have not played on a league before or have played a single season. Understanding “second setter” rules (it’s a safety thing) is not new to them, but they may need to be reminded during the first few games. They often have bump passes and sets down, but may be working on learning how to hand set cleanly.

Players at the C-level may make mistakes from time-to-time but call their own fouls when they make them. Understanding general game play and strategy is part of their game, but execution is not always there. Games at this level are more lenient on both side of the net.

D Level is New To The Sport

Never played before but want to come out and see what it is all about? Come on out to one of our pickup events. We often play on Friday evenings as well as Sunday afternoons.

The best place to start is on a 4-on-4 pickup team and start to learn the basics. We have lots of cool people out there that will help you learn more about the game. After a couple months on the courts you’ll be ready to jump into league play with your own team before you know it!