Thank you for all your kind support this year. All three season were awesome and we got to see such amazing games. CBVSC wants to thank everybody who came out to play with us, having a good time and filling the courts with amazing memories. 2018 is been a fantastic year for us at CBVSC.

We want to give a big shout out to the winners on each division on this fall season. We had a great regular season and the playoffs were full of very competitive games. You don’t always get what you wish for… But you get what you work for! Congrats to all our Champions. Check all our winners here:

Team: KISS MY ACE 1st Place B division – Tuesday –
Team: GINGERLY TOUCH OUR TIPS 1st Place BB division – Tuesday –
Team: BUMP SCHWETT SPIKE 1st Place BB division – Wednesday –
Team: LOS TIBURONES TIGRES 1st Place A division – Wednesday –
Team: JUST THE TIP 1st Place B division – Thursday –
Team: WHAT’S UP 1st Place BB division – Thursday –

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